How to Use Netgear Wi-Fi Extender

Are you done with the slow network or dead zones? Want to boost wifi system? All the game players, listen up! We came up with the idea that doubles your wifi range and boost signals in blind spots. If you are a passionate online game player, then you are really in need of wifi repeater. Wifi extenders are the perfect choice for better internet, and you can get rid of any delay while surfing or gameplay. Before installing a wifi booster in your house, you must know how to use netgear wifi extender.

How to Use Netgear Wi-Fi Extender

Here, we are providing a complete guide of the new extender setup, and it will also help you guide about the setup of netgear wifi extender. However, the ideal place for a wifi extender is between the device and the router because it will catch more signals. More, it enhances your surfing experience without any disruptions. So, let’s dive into the guide of how to use netgear wifi extender.

Installation of NETGEAR wifi extender

Netgear ac1200 wifi range extender covers 1200 sq. ft area, and you can enjoy your time while surfing with a speed of up to 1200 Mbps. More, it is versatile and compatible with all types of routers and gateway, and you can watch HD videos or movies without any disruptions. For using this extender, you should be aware of how to set up the Netgear wifi extender as it is necessary before using it. You should follow the following steps for installation for convenient or disruption-free use.

Steps For Installation of NETGEAR wifi extender

  • Firstly, plug in the extender, and the LED indicator shows it’s on or off status.
  • Secondly, connect the device with the extender by using its default password, or somehow it might have the possibility of no password. However, you can connect it via wifi or Ethernet port.
  • Launch a web browser and enter in the required box, then a new extender set up page comes up. Fill all the requirement boxes and create an account, and then moves forward by clicking on the Next button.
  • Further, verify the extender and select your wifi router. It depends on you whether you want to extend 2.4GHz or 5GHz or both.
  • More, enter the router’s password and click on the Next button. Set the SSID or password for the repeater, and it should be different from the router’s wifi name or password. But if you are using Netgear mesh wifi extender, you can choose the same SSIDs or password of the router for the wifi extender.
  • Click on the Next button, and it takes a while to set up the new extender settings. Besides this, connect the device with the new extender wifi and boosts the speed or range of your existing wifi connection. However, this may take a while or your full concentration. But after this setup, you can also enjoy the smooth internet connection in hard-to-reach areas as it provides a seamless internet connection with strong signal strength.
Upgrade gaming experience

Why should we need fast internet for gaming? What if we are facing disruptions in gaming? How to improve wifi signal strength? Lastly, how to improve wifi for gaming? These questions came up to the mind of a passionate game player so let’s discuss all faq one by one.

If you are crazy about games and don’t have time to play outdoor games, then online games can be your good mate. Online games need fast internet connections for downloads and uploads. Lag-free gaming requires 10-12 Mbps for smooth downloading. Get a smooth internet connection by installing the wifi extender in your house at the ideal place. More, it improves your gaming experience as well as video streaming or surfing.

Final Verdict

How to use netgear wifi extender? Repeaters or boosters aim to extend the coverage area and gives you the fastest internet connection. But the frustrating thing is its setup, and here we mentioned a quick guide of how to use netgear wifi extender? Extenders are of many types, and each type has a different installation process.

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